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Teamsters Local 344
Sales & Service Industry
August 04, 2020
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Distribute the Local 344 Contract Petition!
Posted On: Oct 12, 2018


 As you may know, the results of the UPS contract vote were released last Friday night at 7:00 p.m.. Turnout for this vote was at historically high levels, with over 44% of the country participating.  Despite the turn out and a 54% rejection nationally, and a similar rejection at the central supplement level, a statement has been released from the International Union that the contract will and has been ratified as a result of the International Constitution.

Over 52% of Local 344 Teamsters participated in the contract vote, one of the highest rates in the country. Further, Wisconsin teamsters voted the contract down by nearly 70%. It is an extra outrage for us, a local that contributed to the process in such large numbers, that the International arbitrarily ratify the agreement when they are not required to.

Enclosed are copies of an official Local 344 Teamsters Petition to the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and Washington DC. We are asking that Organizing Committee Volunteers and active members and Stewards distribute and collect petition signatures throughout the week ending 10/18/18.  We are demanding that 1. an emergency meeting of the general executive board convene as soon as is practicable, and 2. Union Negotiators for the rejected National Agreement and corresponding supplements return to the bargaining table immediately.

Regardless of how you or your brothers and sisters at work have voted, we ask that the democratic process be respected and a continued practice of a majority vote that stretches back decades be upheld. To that extent, we ask all Local 344 members to sign the petition.

Wisconsin Teamsters demand that the contract not be ratified without a majority vote and additional negotiations continue immediately. Please join the effort to make our voices heard.

 Fraternally Sent and in Solidarity,

Kevin "Kas" Schwerdtfeger

Business Representative/Organizer

Teamsters Local 344

Sales and Service Industry


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